DFactory has been born to become a hub for the creation of an ecosystem to encourage the promotion and development of 4.0 industry. This center is a tool to boost the transformation of the Spanish productive framework and support companies during their digital digitization process.

Promoted and managed by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona, it is born with the aim of, which seeks to establish Barcelona as the center of 4.0 innovation in Southern Europe. Also, it promotes the creation of an ecosystem to attract talent, technology and investment in a unique space that gather the most innovative companies and the most forward-looking technological projects.



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CZFB is a public enterprise funded only with its own resources. Its main field of activity is the management of the Zona Franca industrial area and its free economic zone, apart from building, industrial and urban land promotion. One of the CZFB main strategic lines is to act as an economic revitalizer for Barcelona and its metropolitan area as well as an engine for business transformation and to advance towards 4.0 economy. In addition, the CZFB also promotes events of economic interest for Barcelona, such as the SIL logistics exhibition, the BMP real-estate exhibition and Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW).

Its board includes representatives from the Spanish Government, the City Council of Barcelona the main financial entities in the city.

The Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona is an active agent, and it drives revitalization for the metropolitan area of Barcelona, which is in constant movement.

The CZFB generates opportunities for the development of the future industry, an industry linked to sustainability and innovation, and with international standing.

DFactory Barcelona is an industry 4.0 node that promotes the attraction of talent, technology and investment, positioning Barcelona as a point of reference in innovation and digital industry.