The DFactory Barcelona headquarters is very different to the spaces we are used to, regarding architecture


It is built mostly with glass to grant visibility to all the 4.0 technologies and blur the barriers between the different companies inside the ecosystem and have a common access to the laboratories, meeting rooms and shared areas.


The architectural features of the building, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals, keeps a stable temperature inside. It also features solar collectors on its roof, as a measure to reduce its environmental impact.


Given the productive and industrial purpose of the building, its interior can be accessed from any of its 4 sides, so that visitors can easily enter it and equipment can be moved smoothly.

The building is located in a unique strategical place:

  • 10 minutes
    Far from the airport
  • 15 minutes
    Far from the center of Barcelona
  • 5 minutes
    Far from the docks
  • The Metro station  La Factoría is very close to the building too, and it was named after his initiative.

The building stands out thanks to the innovative style of its architecture, combining the old factories industrial style with a glass finish, open interior spaces and state-of-the-art technology for sustainable construction systems.

It has been designed by Torrella Engineering, in collaboration with PGI Engineering, Turull Sorensen and Ágora Project Management – Tüv Sud.

Plantas del edificio
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Floor Plant

Heavy run technology companies: 3D printing, Robotics lab and AI Center of Excellence

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First Floor

Light run technology companies: Collaborative robotics and IOT, Cybersecurity and Photonics labs.

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Second Floor

Implementing companies: Private spaces, co-working areas, meeting and training rooms, and Auditorium.

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Third and Fourth Floor

Restaurant and outdoor terrace.

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Third and Fourth Floor

Restaurant and outdoor terrace.

The building comprises a


4 Plants


DFactory has born to become a hub for the creation of an ecosystem to encourage the promotion and development of 4.0 industry.

This center is a tool to boost the transformation of the Spanish productive framework and support companies during their digital digitization process.


In order to achieve its goals, this initiative will count on shared laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology in these aspects:


HERMES is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center of Excellence whose objective is the integration and transversal application of AI in the industrial sector. Through an open innovation model, it fosters the creation of AI solutions thus enabling the advancement of research and development in the areas of: Energy, Mobility, Health, Cybersecurity, Natural Language Processing, Earth Sciences and Data Analytics.

The project managed by expert staff from Leitat makes available to the ecosystem technical equipment, knowledge and expertise for the execution of R&D&I projects and technological services in the following areas:

    • Research of new methodologies for the development and application of Artificial Intelligence.
    • Development of solutions that allow the use of state-of-the-art technology in an easy and efficient way.
    • Processing of large amounts of data (Big Data) that could not be analyzed on less powerful systems.
    • To disseminate new information extracted from the techniques developed to find new applications.
HERMES revolves around the ability to adapt projects to any medium, seeking to offer an embedded solution that adapts to the end user and their needs. It is currently equipped with devices from leading brands such as Fujitsu, Intel, Nvidia, Hewlett-Packard or Huawei, thus offering a plural multi-brand ecosystem.

Collaborative robotics

Space for the development, testing and validation of new robotic skills, processes and functionalities based on enabling technologies such as machine vision, navigation, force control, light manipulators and sensors. Leitat manages and operates the space and equipment available in the shared laboratory offering different technological services, capabilities, expertise in robotics and automation according to the different levels of process complexity.

  • Manipulation, 2D/3D vision, navigation
  • New robotic processes and functionalities
  • Industrial, collaborative/mobile and service robotics
  • Implementation of robotised processes
  • Artificial intelligence applied to production processes and operating technologies
  • Synergies with other companies in the ecosystem in relation to robotics and automation:
      • Dimensional metrology
      • IoT / sensorics
      • Virtual / augmented reality
      • Engineering, simulation and digital twin software
The robotics laboratory has been conceptualised as an open-plan, highly versatile space. It is equipped with the latest technology provided by the industry's leading technology players, allowing access to the portfolio of products and solutions beyond existing equipment. To this end, it has an outstanding human capital: reference industrial engineer with more than 25 years of experience in production environments, robotics engineers, AI / software engineers, mechatronics.  

Projects’ Office

This is an assistance service made to develop a funding strategy for R + D + i projects. It will help identify proper announcements, give advice for the proposition, support the creation of business committees and execute the project itself.

IOT Laboratory

Lab IoT - Connectivity operated by Leitat, for the integrated development of Internet of Things projects in the data value chain: from sensor technology, actuators and product integration (”the things”), advanced connectivity and interoperability protocols, right down to the value of the data. (ingestion, automation and data intelligence).

  • Smart Devices: Design, Development and prototyping of devices IoT/EDGE, sensors, electronic systems and communications (hardware, firmware, software).
  • Connectivity: Wired connectivity / unwired: ModBus, Ethernet, SiFox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, GSM/4G, 5G proprietary WiFi networks, LoRaWan, Bluetooth 5.x.
  • Ingestion: Design and realisation of data ingestion and management solutions.
  • Automation: Automation of data segmentation and categorisation processes. Information extraction. Design of AI algorithms applied to automation and segmentation.
  • Analitica: Design and development of AI algorithms for data analysis. Information-driven AI.
  • Service: Creation of customer services based on the creation of layers of information from the value created in the data.

3D Printing lab

The IAM3DHUB managed by Leitat, is an industrial consortium formed by different companies from different technological fields of the 3D printing sector created to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing technologies in the industry, at an international level. It offers industry a unique window from which to help companies design, create, test products and develop services taking full advantage of new digital manufacturing and 3D printing tools. Consolidated technologies

  • Development of AM3DP process parameters for new materials (metal/polymer filament, powder and resin).
  • Research and development of post-processing strategies and systems.
Services / R+D+i customer projects
  • Design and development of new advanced industrial applications
  • Component (re)design, optimization and 3D printing services
  • Technology transfer / training at AM3DP
Technologies under development
  • Light-matter interaction for AM3DP process improvement
  • Digitalization of processes and predictive defect models
  • Incorporation of new technologies: Binder Jetting, Material Jetting
Thanks to the presence of the IAM 3D HUB, the 3D printing laboratory has a wide range of multiple different 3D printing technologies operating with metals, resins and thermo-polymers. It is equipped with a materials laboratory for the study and development of different photosensitive resin and thermo-polymer solutions; and has a post-processing technology laboratory with different equipment for cleaning, polishing and tinting 3D printed parts.

Photonics and vision laboratory

Photonics and vision laboratory operated by Leitat, for the development, testing and validation of advanced optical, photonic and vision systems, enabling data generation for sensors/products, digital manufacturing and quality control in production processes.

  • Dedicated laboratory: 80 sqm with ISO6 optical tables.
  • Advanced photonic characterization equipment: broad spectrum and high sensitivity spectrographs, monochromators, integrating sphere, field reflectometer, etc.
  • Light sources, applied to different processes: white super-continuous laser, monochromatic laser, Xenon lamps, IR, UV, etc. Calibration and power sensors.
  • Opto-mechanical components for the development of optoelectronic and vision systems.
  • Advanced vision technologies: 2D/3D, multi / hyperspectral.
  • Ray trace modelling
  • Links and synergies with other 4.0 technologies: AI, IoT, robotics / automation, additive manufacturing.
  • Human capital: PhD and MSc in Physics, Photonics, Chemistry, Engineering, etc.


The technological services will adapt to the necessities of each company in the ecosystem, according to the mission of this project, which is to
promote digital transformation.



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